Traffic Checklist for bloggers

Use this as a checklist after you publish every post to make sure you’re doing everything you can to promote your blog posts and get blog traffic with this Traffic Checklist for bloggers










1. Create epic content people need to share.
2. Link to influential blogs so they link back.
3. Reference and quote experts so they share your content.
4. Make your content easy to share with social buttons like Digg Digg and social lockers.

5. Email your subscriber list for instant traffic – if you’re not building one get doing so now! 6. Share automatically to your social media pages using the SNAP plugin.
7. Publish to other social hubs that have internal traffic like Tumblr, Flipboard,, Rebel Mouse.
8. Syndicate to other blogs that accept syndicated content.
9. Publish to relevent sub-Reddits.
10. Enage new readers with BlogEngage.
11. Post to popular Facebook groups and pages.
12. Connect with niche groups on LinkedIn.

13. Pin to shared boards on Pinterest.
14. Let people in on the scoop with by suggesting to popular pages.
15. Tap into Flipboards 80 million users by turning your post into a magazine article in 1 click.
16. Suggest your content to groups of a similar interest.
17. Share with G+ circles in your niche.
18. Target Tumblrs 90 million users.
19. Post in niche forums with clickable signatures leading to your new post.
20. Add to content aggregation sites like Digg, and 4

21. Syndicate to sites like,, and or check out this list:

22. Repackage posts into PDF files and share on document sites like DocStoc, Scribd and Slideshare.
23. Make slideshows and upload to Slideshare to target their huge internal audience.

24. Turn posts into visual infographics and watch them go viral.
25. Create teaser videos of posts and upload to YT, Vimeo and Daily Motion.
26. Network with authorities in your niche continually sharing their stuff,
linking to them and connecting so they return the favor.

27. Tweet influential people to tell them you’ve created a post they might like or mentioned them and get re-tweets.
28. Email anyone you’ve referenced for more links and shares.
29. Blog comment on relevant blogs and post links back to your post where possible.
30. Use G Alerts to stay updated of new content around your keyword and link back to your post.
31. Contact people who have linked and shared similar content to your post and let them know about it – if you’ve improved on it chances are they will want to link to it

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