Audience Traffic


What is Audience Advertising?

Audience is run of network or RON. Audience Traffic is highly recommended to be used to upgrade your

PR, improve your SEO stats, bounce%, time-on-page rates and engagement.

This media buying option appears and rotates ads on any websites and pages of the network. It’s used for an ad arbitrage and website engagement. Audience additionally offers IAS, Forensiq and in-house filters.

The cost effectiveness of RON traffic is unparalleled in digital advertising. It is an easy and inexpensive way to boost your website. RON traffic attracts a wide audience by sending visitors to landing pages. This exposure is incredibly valuable for emerging brands, increasing traffic or new product launches.


 Pagerank Alexa & Google

 Improve your SEO stats
 Promote our traffic & earn 20% commissions
 Target on interest, GEO, device, browser
 Best new feature: campagne traffic calculator: estimate the volume up-front
 Only pay for clicks, starting at $0.0012 cpc!
Device Targeting

 Make your own landingspage for your affiliate campaign
 Start driving traffic to the LP with Best Traffic Shop traffic
 The visitors will stay on your website pretty long, so next step would be
 Sign up on multiple Pop traffic platforms as a publisher with that same landingspage
 Pop-Ads will be shown on your landingspage after X time of being on your site
 The earnings of showing the PopAds on your site are higher then the costs you’ll pay


For audience traffic you go to BestTrafficShop 

  • Contextual Ads
  • Pop-ups & automated sound allowed
  • Adult sites allowed or to blacklistBTSgetstarted
  • Interest & GEO targeted traffic
  • Targeted Visitors by State (USA only)
  • GA tracking integrated with your UA-code
  • Anonymous | Direct Traffic Source
  • Not to be used when you aim for high conversion-rates, but don’t be surprised when your customers DO BUY products on your website

Sign up for free at BestTrafficShop and receive your unique promo-code to use with your first funding. Your account-manager will contact you on skype to help you set up your first campaign. Don’t forget to follow our “weekly smart stuff”, you can earn or win even more affiliate gifts.

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